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Most of the fandom stuff is public, though

Let me know where I know you from, what interests we share, anything!

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In case you haven't noticed, I'm not really on LJ at all anymore. I still read DW daily, but I'm mostly on tumblr. So add me on one of those places instead if you haven't already. (username is the same as always, darksilverhawk.tumblr.com or darksilverhawk.dreamwidth.org)
So Colossalcon was last weekend. It has taken me this long to post on it because I bought WO3 when I got back but that's not the point. Linking to tumblr post for pictures because I am lazy. I feel like I should be making this with a proper photoshoot behind me and stuff but I need to think out loud and bounce ideas around.

As I'm saying everywhere, she's not done. I can't style wigs to save my life. There's still some detailing that I just ran out of time for, but I wanted to wear her regardless. I was still working on it Thursday morning. The whole thing was basically done in a month, which would have gone much better if I had not lost a week to strep throat.

I could not find the right colors for anything. The light blue was a much more tealish color that I dyed to get closer to what I wanted. (The original color was used to line the jacket.) The dark blue was a "this isn't right, well whatever" compromise. The boning in the bodice hates me and keeps curving in weird positions. I ended up painting the bodice details because of lack of a way to get an applique to work like I wanted it to.

The knives are wood, and once my dad cut them they took me 6 hours to paint. So much detail. Also, the wig is really heavy and I was fighting it all day. Those picture were taken right after we got down from the hotel room and it was already starting to slip. I got it in place a bit better after that, but it sure hurt by the time I got out of it. Thankfully Woona's wig is light.

Does anyone know of a good way to affix things to pleather? I think I've tried every type of glue we have in the house and nothing will stick. (the boot fringe is currently held up by bobby pins)

Woona cosplay was awesome. Everything was awesome and nothing hurt and I hung out with Bronies who loved Moonstuck all con so everything was great. (But she said last night that Moonstuck will probably end around August, so :( )

I will actually respond to comments on this post, guys. All of them. Promise.

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Well, this week has gone down as such:

Is it over yet?Collapse )

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-A Canterlot Wedding was absolutely fabulous~ Much, much better than the last season finale in terms of plot and awesome. I wasn't too crazy about the two new characters coming completely out of nowhere, but the writing and pacing was excellent, the villain was great and Pincess Cadance and Shining Armor were both well-introduced and well developed, all things considered. I wish it had been properly movie-length instead of just being a two-parter. And the music was AMAZING, as always. Best songs of the entire season, imo. And Princess Luna appeared AND got lines AND Vinyl Scratch got an appearance. And the subtle little continuity nods were great. (Filly Twilight pulls Smarty Pants out of her toybox and the reception is set up in the hall with the stained glass windows from the season opener stood out to me, but I'm sure there are more I haven't noticed yet) Best. Season. Finale. EVER! (Now we must pit Princess Cadance and Shining Armor against the Mane 6+The Elements of Harmony to determine once and for all what is stronger; love or friendship? S3 opener?)

-Then I went and saw The Hunger Games the next day. I haven't read the books yet (though I keep meaning to) but I thought the movie was excellent.

-Wang Yuanji's dress doesn't make any sense. :/ Kai's DLC without the jacket helps a ton, I'm still not sure how to construct it. (Do people agree with me that it looks like the bodice, top skirt layer, and sleeves are one piece, with the two layer underskirt being a separate piece? Or has that been refuted somewhere? The fact that the databook seems to contradict itself doesn't help. May need to find someone to translate the notes on the page for me. :/)

-Running [community profile] koeiland  is going to be like pulling teeth, isn't it? *kicks comm*

-SOMEONE is making me unlock all my fics now. >;( it's ok, I still love you bb.

ehehe the pony rant is longer than the rest of the post ^^"

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I would have summarized my feelings on the best ones on tumblr, but then I realized that would be practically all of them.

-Younger Nobunaga is glorious in all kinds of ways.
-Hideyoshi has acquired a mofu (Is Nene making everyone wear them now?)
-Motonari reminds me an alien from a 1940's sci-fi.
-Masamune. So smug. So fluffy.
-All I can think of when I look at Nou is PC-98 Marisa. Just with less clothes.
- Kanbei, wut?
-Muneshige, what happened to your hair?
-"Motochika-dono, please stop buying my daughter clothes."
-Aw man, Kunoichi. Your first outfit was so awesome. And then you stuck pink bows all over everything. :/
-YUKIMURA'S IS SO AWESOME. Can this be his SW4 design now? Please? It looks so badass.
-Magoichi sprouted feathers. And return of the half-open shirt.
- Kanetsugu, uh, what?
-That's not Aya. That's a froslass gijinka.
-Kai, where did all your clothes go?
- MITSUNARI. YOUR MOFU JUST KEEPS GETTING BIGGER. IT IS GOING TO SWALLOW YOU UP. Imagining him trying to move under all those layers of clothing and mofu is he most hilarious thing.
-Kiyomasa wants to be a superhero. You go for it, Kiyomasa! \o/
- Masanori needs no comment.

The stats are kind of hilarious if you look at them too.


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Bullet point posts

-Gettin' slammed by RL. D: I think there might be a Chaos TL curse or something- as soon as you take up the position, rl comes along and eats you. In this case, real life happens to be my printmaking class, which is my life right now.

-Workin on getting Koeiland stuff together. If people stopped watching silently and spoke up, this would go a lot smoother. *glare glare glare* Oh well. I'll keep pounding away on it. I'll get enough people together eventually.

-My LJ paid account expires in a week or so. Working on getting my userpics deleted so I don't get caught by LJ's nonsensical algorithm for determining what stays active, or get caught by the stupid userpic selector bug. It also means I lose my style, so my S2 commenting goes away. ;; I was hoping they'd have that all somewhat fixed by now, but that's asking too much of LJ, now isn't it?

-Happy leap day?

-Saving up for.... something. I have yet to decide whether I want a PS3 or a 3DS. :/ Though the conversation with my cousin went something along the lines of "I need to buy a PS3 to play WO3. :(" "It's not worth it to play one game. Trust me." "...You don't know me very well, do you?"

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I'm going o keep pestering people

At least until you actually go apply or something. XD

[community profile] koeiland 

Can you write? Can you make graphics? Can you do anything creative? Do you like having fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining [community profile] koeiland, the newest community for fan of Koei games. (Also, listing me as your reference doesn't do anybody any good. Just so you know. XD)
Quick, tell the truth about something!
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